Sandy Renna Photography

I have been taking and printing photographs since grade school when I was first amazed by the magic of capturing a moment in time as a visual image. I would often look for elements in a photo which I had not seen when the picture was snapped but which the camera's eye had seen and recorded. In this way, the camera and its images have continued to intrigue and teach me that there is always more than meets the eye. The camera has expanded my appreciation and experience of the world around me with moments of enhanced immersion in Nature and Her wonderful nuances. The lingering printed images bring me back to the uplifting moments of instant connection with the miracles all around. In recent years, the subject has often been light itself as it fills a space with its celestial energy and brings life to the moment in time and space.

The images assembled here span many meanderings with a camera. I soon realized that these moments can be as fleeting as the sun’s gaze, so I would take advantage of the moment and capture the scene before it vanished.

For me, many of these images share the magic of sunlight entering, filling and painting an illuminated natural landscape and common objects in a new “light”, which otherwise might go unnoticed and may never occur again!

I chose the profession of Dermatology precisely because it calls on the visual. While learning many facts was essential to the discipline, looking then seeing and interpreting the seen came much more naturally for me. Now that I have left active practice, I have returned to where I left off in grade school to pursue the visual moment, with my eyes and consciousness to see and experience Nature and with the camera to see the unseen.

Thank you for taking your time to experience what these illuminated subjects, frozen in time, might bring to your senses and your experience of this moment.